Monday, 1 September 2014

Five Important Aspects of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE stands or Follicle Unit Extraction, it is an advanced method of hair restoration in almost every country of the world.  Before you plan an FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore, you should know some important aspects of this method.
Hair surgery is expensive

The cost of hair transplant with FUE is very costly. Actually, there are two common methods of hair restoration for the patient of hair loss. One is known as FUT harvesting while other is FUE. The cost of FUT hair transplant is less than FUE because former method is traditional.

Permanent hair restoration is guaranteed

With the mean of an FUE harvesting, a surgeon is able to restore hair of patient permanently. However, this permanent restoration is simply impossible with other treatments of hair loss. Once a person plan a hair surgery then he doesn’t need to undergo any other treatment.

Money saving is possible

The people who are quite concerned about the cost of a hair loss treatment keep in mind that money saving is only possible with the FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad. Actually, if people opt for some other treatments such as hair wigs, hair creams or gels then they have to spend money on such treatment multiple time. Though investment on a surgery is high but it will be your one-time investment. No need to spend money again and again.

Natural Look is offered

It is a fact that results of hair transplant with FUE methods are quite amazing. Patient is able to restore his natural-looking hair. The texture, size and color of newly transplanted hair will be exactly alike to the lost hair.

No Scarring makes treatment attractive

Another great thing about hair surgery with FUE method is that patient is capable to restore the hair without any kind of scar.

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